Park Hotel Villa Grazioli in Grottaferrata is pleased to let you discover the beauty, luxuriant nature, art and exquisite food and wine of the Castelli Romani through exciting and engaging videos, which were conceived, produced and financed by Ospitalità Castelli Romani, an association of Local accommodation facilities.

Explore the Roman Castles
In these videos, a young woman guides us through the most iconic and fascinating places of the Castelli Romani. She aboard her Vespa, leaving the chaos of the city behind. Among small characteristic villages, breathtaking lake and hilly landscapes, the videos show the lush nature and imposing historic homes, including Park Hotel Villa Grazioli.

Book your stay at Park Hotel Villa Grazioli and discover the magic of the Castelli Romani!

Ospitalità Castelli Romani

A Journey between History and Nature, the videos accompany you to discover the hidden treasures of the Castelli Romani!

Ville Tuscolane

Ville Tuscolane: discover the 10 wonderful Renaissance villas that stand in the heart of the Castelli Romani, including the Park Hotel Villa Grazioli, an architectural jewel surrounded by splendid gardens

Art, History, Culture

History, art, culture: discover historical places and archaeological sites that also tell the story of Tusculum, the first city built 50 years before Rome on the slopes of Mount Tusculum, from which it takes its name

Food and wine

Food and Wine Experiences: tradition and innovation satisfy every type of palate with an excellent food and wine offering.

Nature and Landscapes

Nature and landscapes: The Castelli Romani area offers green and natural spaces that become a natural gym for the body and spirit. The Park Hotel Villa Grazioli is the ideal starting point to explore these places and regenerate in a quiet and evocative environment

Activities sports

Sports and outdoor experiences: the Castelli Romani area offers many opportunities to practice sports outdoors, in direct contact with nature, in a sustainable and slow way in order to satisfy the desire to practice sports, but also that of connection with the surrounding environment


Receptivity and events: this video tells the story of the area's natural predisposition to hospitality and the organization of unique events