Stanze Della Creazione
Park Hotel Villa Grazioli

On each side of the gallery are rooms painted with scenes from the book of genesis, four of the seven days of creation.

The walls of the room whit the (creation of the animals) are decorated the symbols of the Odescalchi crest: lion, eagle and cup.

Imitation marble and gilt-framed landscapes adorn “creation of light” In the “creation of the earth” there is a perspective view of a garden with fountains.

The walls of the last room, “creation of the sun and moon” are unfortunately the damaged, but it is still possible to admire the delicate “grotesques” which covered them.

More than a century later around 1870 Duke Pious Grazioli purchased the property.

He started new restructuration changing the side of the villa facing Rome.

To new quarters were build on the sides of the large tower ricing from the central body of the building:

This totally enclosed the 16th century tower, living as with the villa as it stands today.

World War II marked for the villa the start of a long period of decadence.

In 1944, Field-Marshall.

A Kesselring of the German Army choose Villa Grazioli as his headquarters.

Recently discovered documents indicate that the Allied Air Force, with the aim of destroying the German, ammunitions stored in Villa Grazioli, mistakenly bombed other buildings in Frascati.

It seems only to be sheer luck that Villa Grazioli is still sturdy on its foundations today!

Following the bombing of Frascati, the Villa offered shelter to a group of homeless civilians.

Each family occupied a room and transformed it into a home, using campfires and mattress on the floor.

The soot coming painted ceilings, as a memory of this period of neglect.

Once abandoned by the squatters, paintings decorating ceilings and walls of the villa were forgotten by the custodians of art.

In 1987 Villa Grazioli LTd, took over the property and started restoration works.

Nowadays the Villa has been gived back the elegants it deserves.

As for the pictorial decoration, Villa Grazioli LTD has called professionals to stop the decady that started so long ago, and to preserve the pictures that have been spared by time.

For the years to come, a trough restoration of the decoration will take place according to a program approved by the ministry of art, which will supervise it.

Villa Grazioli once lost in the decay and neglect, has been gived back the dignity that its art and its history rightly deserve.