Stanza Della Ringhiera
Park Hotel Villa Grazioli

The “Stanza del Pergolato” is one of the most powerfully suggestive rooms of the Villa.

The vault takes us outside to a view of the open sky framed by a bower intertwined with vines.

Small animals and birds perching on the bower enhance this perspective, while the sky is ridden with little winged boys who play between the clouds, chase swallows and drop petals on to us, the onlookers.

The “Stanza del Pergolato” connects two other salons, with paintings that have been completely ruined.

Ciampelli used a particular method of painting called tempera, where colors, diluted with water, were applied to the surface of the vaults, much like the painting methods of today.

Consequently, rainwater leaking through the roof literally washed away the colors of the beautiful allegories of the Day and the Night, which today can be appreciated on rare photographs only.