Our commitment
to sustainable tourism

electric column available to customers and passers-by (free recharge)
involvement of the guest in the knowledge of the strategies implemented to protect the environment
discounts reserved for customers with sustainable mobility vehicles (free recharge and discounts on services)
restaurant menu aimed at enhancing local food and wine and products at 0 km:
use of raw materials at Zero-km and in season
selection of local wines
promotion of ebike and electric vehicle excursions in the area
Bicycle racks available for guests
synergy with local realities to enhance authentic and sustainable experiences in the area
employment of local personnel therefore with short trips
choice of national and local suppliers
disposable plastic eliminated
paper use in offices eliminated by 90%


Our aim
Reduce waste and consumption

use of loose detergents
choice of irrigation schedules to minimize the use of water
monthly monitoring of energy and water consumption in order to evaluate improvements in the optimization of consumption
switching on the heating and air conditioning systems in the rooms actually used
definition of standard temperatures for the comfort of guests
use of high efficiency and low consumption light bulbs
reduction of light pollution in outdoor spaces and enhancement of the view and the celestial vault
change of bathroom linen on customer request
replacement of disposable kits in bathrooms with non-disposable fixed solutions
empty to return where possible
analysis and monitoring of food refuse to reduce waste to minimum